Ekberg Golf Academy was established in 2005 and  started in ‘First Warsaw Golf and Country Club’ Rajszew.  Now is based in Wilanow, ‘Golf Parks Poland’, Wilanow, Warsaw where it has been since 2009. 


Ekberg Golf Academy  provides individual golf lessons and group golf lessons in Warsaw, ladies and juniors programs, greencard courses, corporate days/programs and golf holidays abroad



Ekberg Golf Acadey has been leading the way in getting new golfers into the game of golf the last 8 years.  Polish Golf Union shows EGA has given out the most greencards in Poland in last 10 years.


Ekberg Golf Academy is the authorized ‘PING Custom Fitting Center ‘ and an exclusive  distributor of  PING golf equipment.


David Ekberg who is ‘Head Teaching Professional’, and founder of Ekberg Golf Academy became a ‘Fully qualified Golf Professional in Australia in the year 2000.   In addition David has since been awarded AAA classification by the Australian PGA, the highest possible honors awarded by the Professional Golf Association of Australia.    David was awarded ‘PGA Poland Teacher of the Year in 2007’ and 'PGA Teacher of the Year 2013'


David’s team of professionals are the highest qualified/most experienced in any golf facility in Poland.


Ekberg Golf Academy is an authorized center of PING clubs fitting and PING exclusive  distributor in Poland. Since last season Ekberg Golf Academy is in possession of 'Foresight Launch Monitor', the technology used by the Golf Channel and Sky Sports. In the heart of the simulator Foresight is a stereoscopic camera system that capture and analyze parameters of impact at the moment of contact with the ball. As a result, we are able to know the carry distance and total distance, direction of impact, the launch angle, and the exact ball speed and  rotation. The data obtained allow our trainers analyze your swing easier also is ideal for club fitting, comparing distances of different models/shafts. As one of the few PING places in Europe we use 'nFlight' technology. It is software system designed by PING to do club fitting. n’Flight’ system is used in European and American PING  headquarters.