Golf is a sport that anyone can do, from early childhood to very old age. This is a great form of spending time with your family or friends. Being outdoors in the beautiful scenery of the golf courses combined with physical exercise has very positive impact on our health. When we think of the sport which you can practise at any age, no matter what ability and a big fun guarantee ........ that’s Golf!


Start playing golf is very easy



It’s best to take lessons to learn how to swing correctly from the start (not to get into bad habits!). You have two choices either

Individual Greencard Course or Group Greencard Course


At this course you will learn the basic elements of golf, swing technique, golf language, rules and etiquette. The course ends with a Greencard exam.

Email or telephone us to book first lesson.



Once you have registered on a group course or booked first individual lesson, you need only bring comfortable sports shoes, we'll do the rest! ! :)


All lessons provided by our academy are conducted by experienced, qualified trainers, licensed by PGA (called PRO)

Learning golf under the guidance of PRO guarantees the quality, reliability and professionalism.




Greencard is a document certifying the basic skills of golf and knowledge of golf rules and etiquette that will allow us to safely use the golf course. Greencard allows you to play on most golf courses in Poland and abroad